Jerry Koopman, CEO & Jesse Oliver Sr., Amfor ElectronicsJerry Koopman, CEO & Jesse Oliver Sr.
Today, most modern cars have a mind of their own, albeit artificial. While the never-ending development of new technologies is indeed turning cars smarter, it is the neural pathways of wire or cable harnesses that are making the cars burst into life. These assemblies of electrical wires carry different sorts of control and power signals to an automobile’s main control unit, hardware, battery, and other parts. It is, thus, imperative for automotive manufacturers to use the highest quality wire harnesses to ensure the smooth performance of their vehicles. To make that happen, what the automotive companies need are wire harnesses that are free from common defects like incorrect wire preparation, improper labelling, poor wire harness layout, and weak soldering, among other potential defects.

Enter AmFor Electronics.

Initially known as Northwest Regulator Supply, AmFor Electronics started its journey in 1961. Today, the company positions itself as a leading contract manufacturer of the best-of-breed custom cable harnesses. “When you purchase a harness from AmFor, you can just take it out of the shipping box and use it right away; the wire harnesses will work every time,” says Jerry Koopman, the CEO of AmFor Electronics.

AmFor Electronics offers manufacturing and assembly support capabilities along with engineering assistance and product design collaboration predominantly for the automotive and other related industries, helping them meet their wire harness requirement within a short lead time. The company has the proven capabilities to manufacture a wide range of wires for harnesses, from 28 gauge to 4/0 cable (with both sealed and unsealed connector systems). “We can develop anything from two-wire water level sensor all the way through to a full engine harness or a boom lift harness,” adds Jesse Oliver, COO of AmFor Electronics.

What further sets AmFor Electronics apart is its stringent quality inspection of the products. AmFor Electronics follows IPC 620 cable testing standards and lean manufacturing practices to ensure the best product quality. The company also ascertains that every harness is functioning as intended before it leaves the manufacturing floor. This makes AmFor Electronics’ products eligible for First Article Approval (validation of first products created from a new design).
And because of such strict adherence to quality, AmFor Electronics’ clients can easily meet the necessary performance and safety standards (such as UL, CE, or CSA) of their end-products.

How these illustrated capabilities help AmFor Electronics’ clients can be best explained through a case study. A particular client was initially purchasing wire harnesses from different vendors in the market and checking the quality of those products in-house via a small team of experts. However, the client realized that this wasn’t a viable approach given the volume of cable harnesses that the team had to inspect every day. The client, therefore, switched their primary vendor and started purchasing the harnesses from AmFor Electronics. Due to the faultless and superior quality of AmFor Electronics’ harnesses, the client no longer had to double-check the products. And subsequently, the client reassigned its inspection team to other departments, optimizing their human resources.

It is also important to note that AmFor Electronics develops, manufactures, and sells direct connection test leads and testing machines in addition to its turnkey wire harnesses. The computerized alternator and starter tester feature a touch-screen interface, an on-screen tutorial, and a sophisticated onboard database. As a result, it is extremely easy to learn and use the tester. AmFor’s clients can use it to certify that each new alternator or starter is in good working order, thereby eliminating warranty returns.

Moving ahead with such all-round expertise, AmFor Electronics is now focused on organically growing its operations. At the same time, the company is always on the forefront when it comes to enhancing its technological capabilities with changing customer needs. On that front, AmFor Electronics is now looking to incorporate box build assemblies, where the company would take its clients’ design and construct point-to-point wiring along with the wiring harnesses, and seal them in a mechanical enclosure. And at the core of driving these endeavors forward, “our driving purpose is helping our SME clients meet their cable harness needs today and be prepared for the needs of tomorrow,” concludes Koopman.